We are going beyond the future: Floating Sofa by D.K. Wei


Floating Sofa by D.K. Wei 1

The day that we all are dreaming finally has come. D.K. Wei, a designer who goes beyond the future, has created a floating sofa which has called Magnetic Floating Bed. Although it may seem insane, the fact that now we can rest relax on a chaise lounge which is not an ordinary one. Good.So now to speak, this sofa is still in its initial phase and is likely never to occur.

Floating Sofa by D.K. Wei 2

We will never be so close to be on a floating cloud. The objective is total relax without having to resort to the famous treatments carried out in spas and other specialized centers. From home and without moving, a design that I hope someday reach our closest establishments (or not so nearby, gives equal).

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