Violet Color in Decoration (Purple or Lilac Tones)


Violet Color in Decoration (Purple or Lilac Tones) 2

The violet, lilac or purple is one of the tones with more mystical aura, since it is obtained from the combination consisting of the same amount of red blue, provides the perfect balance between the warm and cold. Grants power of meditation, spirituality, concentration and good vibrations, by eliminating the negative energy of the home.


The violet color effect that is achieved in the decor is very aesthetic and comforting. The combination of lilac and purple shades brings exceptional visual results. It is also ideal for plug-ins, such as tables, bed, cushions and curtains. Its complementary opposite color is yellow, therefore in the decor, they can be combined very well together. For the walls a very clear violet can be contrasted well with a white ground.

Violet Color in Decoration (Purple or Lilac Tones) 4

Lilacs, rosy or mauve are considered to be a sedative color recommended for infantile rooms or for babies in its versions. Nevertheless, also it is much used in rooms for adults, with darker and intense tones, whenever they have big large windows with good natural lighting. The textures(structures) can create wonderful walls.


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