Use Your Fireplace to Decorate Your House


Use Your Fireplace to Decorate Your House 1

Fireplaces have been a widely used in rural homes or large heating system to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. However, innovation has developed models that do not require a complex installation and occupy leading positions in the halls of flats and apartments of small dimensions. They are functional elements, but that sometimes are used as decorative elements thanks to their finishes.

The coating is the front of the fireplace, that decorates and can be made of different materials. It does not depend on the heat output of the system but yes, it has an impact on aesthetics, since it covers and decorate the part of the home. Most of the finishes are of work, but the latest trends in the sector bring classical models with a rustic finish. In some cases, marble, granite, brick and natural stone are used for the front of the fireplace.

The wood which is one of the fuels more recommended for fireplaces and stoves, we can say that it has a high calorific value, which will provide an intense fire. Remember that it is not good to use freshly cut wood because it is cool and moist. It produces higher combustion which has been stored for a time and dried.

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