Tips For Decorating Small Areas


Today, having a small apartment is perfectly normal in the world. The mini apartments are the solution to the crisis, while the price of housing is soaring. However, with a little imagination, you can take full advantage of your home.

Tips For Decorating Small Areas 1

The goal is to have a cozy, decorated and functional home. On the walls we recommend using clear and bright colors (shades of beige, orange or yellow), while on the roofs should be give a lighter shade than the walls, therefore white is ideal for giving a feeling of spaciousness. The lighting is key, if you do not have windows that give abroad, use clear and adjustable spotlights that disperse light to every corner of the house.

On the other hand, if you think that your home is poorly distributed, getting rid of the partition is a solution, whenever technically possible, after asking the relevant work permits. Once you have achieved this space, you can separate environments and areas with screens or sliding doors.

Tips For Decorating Small Areas 2

With regard to the furniture, the ideal thing it is clear and natural light with wood designs. The white color, the steel and the crystal will be three big Allied Forces for your space. Convertible furniture are another very used option: drawers under the bed, etc.

Finally one important tip: it is vital to maintain order throughout the home. If you’re not careful, you can bring a chaos and give a very bad image with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

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