Tips for Choosing The Parquet


Tips for Choosing The Parquet 1

The parquet is a type of flooring that is most currently used to cover the soil in the home. It has evolved in recent years and today you can find a lot of types and species, each with certain characteristics that will make it to be the perfect or not so for every home or need to stay. There are several things that must be taken into account to find the ideal, follow these tips for choosing the parquet:

-Color: you can opt for a dark or light color where you have a range that will take you by the almost white to shades of dark and exotic such as wenge or ebony. It is very popular also combine different wood to give a nice contrast.

Tips for Choosing The Parquet 2

– The hardness: the harder woods are the most recommended for sites that are going to have much traffic, such as corridors or hallways. The species more Duran are the jatobá and oak, who are also the most used in any room in the house. In the kitchen you can also put an parquet floor, although it is not advisable that you use has been vaporized, birch heat treated, European and Canadian maple, american cherry or European walnut, since all of these materials tend to spoil with the steam and humidity that there is always in the kitchens.

-Soil: soil type is also very important to take into account and can be multi-layer or solid wood. Multilayer are composed of two or three layers of wood with a thickness of about 7 mm veneered flooring and 20 for the thicker. The solid wood take a single layer of planks of wood.

Tips for Choosing The Parquet 3

-Design and finishing: is another very important factor because it will affect the appearance of the parquet. You can put tables in parallel, with braided forms, boat or fish cover. In many places you can also choose the width of the strips, since for dorms are used more narrow.

Of course, don’t forget to be always aware their care and polish it whenever it is necessary.

Tips for Choosing The Parquet 4

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