Space Maker, The New Environment Simulator of Ikea


Space Maker, The New Environment Simulator of Ikea 1

IKEA makes your kids room decor easy for you. We say it because it has created Space Maker, an environment simulator for children’s bedrooms. We can put furniture wherever we want (without having to mount them), put them in the position that we like and even bet on some kind of theme model that is included in the program.

If we chose to start from scratch as if we want to follow the advice of the simulator, will have to first choose the size of the room. The next step will be painting (in the event that start from zero) then add furniture. Lighting, soil type and add-ins nor escape in this full Simulator.

When we have the room decorated to our liking, we can know what is the final price of all the furniture and other elements of decoration that we have placed. In “wish list” we have itemized invoice of what it would cost us all.

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