Right Colors in Decoration to Get The Right Aura

The colors are a way to modify the decoration of a stay. The different shades or their combinations create stunning environments. Discover the sensations transmitted by each color. In general, the neutral colors and soft tones tend to produce relaxation, while intense or strong colors convey energy and positivism.

Red, the color of passion, love and the impulses:
• Helps people more timid to be more social.
• Serves to activate the calmer children.
• Very advisable to decorate doors, curtains, or accessories.

Green, a color relaxing and serene as the nature:
• Improve visual acuity, favors the imagination and creativity.
• The perfect tone for a space of relaxation as a lounge, a library or place of work.

Blue, the color of the rest, the sea, the introspection and peace:
• Ideal for rooms with good exterior lighting, helping you concentrate.
• If you want to lose weight, is a tone that decreases appetite.

Yellow, a color of energy, light and well-being, but caution if it is very intense because it can be irritating.
• Improves mood and produces quick reactions: it is a good color for curtains and tablecloths.
• You can use it in rooms but with softer tones, shades of beige.

White, the absence of color symbolizes purity, neatness, cleanliness, although you can get a sensation of coldness and too much rationality.
• The environments exclusively painted in white can transmit indifference or loneliness.
• Trying to combine it with the gray or black, is a perfect color for minimalist houses.

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