Right Colors for a Romantic Decoration


Romantic wedding bedroom decoration

The time of opting for a more romantic decoration has come. You want to make your girl or boy feel as comfortably as possible in all rooms of your home. You know that you want to add a touch of romanticism that for whatever reason don’t want it go losing with the passing of months. However, still do not have clear one thing: what colors are the most fit with a type of romantic decor?

Initially, historically always had characterized by the combination of white and soft pink. All accompanied by flowers, four-poster beds and other topical that still remain in the minds of some. Things have changed somewhat and now the range of possibilities is quite broad. You decant a few colors or others will depend on your tastes, although it is clear that some will have to avoid them.

Right Colors for a Romantic Decoration 2

Purple, pearl grey, white, turquoise and a wide range of roses are which constitute today the day the panorama of colors emerging in what some have dared to be baptized as neoromanticismo. All these colors can translate into colors using paint or wallpaper. In addition, no forget about add-ins, always essential to find the touch that is sought. Carpets, cushions, pictures… charge much prominence but it should not be forgotten that everything has to be in perspective, as something very ornate can become cloying.

Using a decorative vinyls has been trendy lately. Butterflies, birds, floral… anything goes if you get certain order. It is recommended to buy dark vinyl to place them on light walls. A good idea, if what you want is something romantic but sophisticated, is to buy a vinyl of the Eiffel Tower, the city of love. You can find it from 3 euros in some shops of decoration.

Right Colors for a Romantic Decoration 3

As curtains and upholstery is concerned,the ideal thing is to be praised by soft cloths and of tones cake. The linen, the lace and the semitransparent cloths are the most requested materials.

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