PLANE Desk for Mueller Moebel by Felix Stark


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Felix Stark is a designer of Mueller Moebel which is a German design studio located in Bockhorn, 40 kilometres north of Oldenburg (Oldb). They have specialized in producing high-quality furnitures for private and business customers in Bockhorn.



The designer lives and works in Cologne. He was originally born in Bonn, in 1976 and he completed his education as furniture carpenter in 2002.

His designs won numerous awards for product design, including the “red dot design award” and the “Die Gute Form” prize (a design competition organised by the German carpenters’ guild).

He designed this cool PLANE desk for Mueller Moebel. It’s a laptop workplace which is small but quite useful.

PLANE desk by Felix Stark for Mueller Moebel 2

The designer have used a soft and smooth wood in its construction and mix that smoothness and softness with the desk’s soft edges. The design makes us feeling the nature of warmth.

PLANE desk by Felix Stark for Mueller Moebel 4

On the back of the desk, we see a third leg. It seems unfunctional in front, but it’s not. It’s actually is made for hiding the cord that we are disturbed to see them while working. With this PLANE desk, we can finally do our jobs without the distractions of the cords.

PLANE desk by Felix Stark for Mueller Moebel 1

Thanks to its minimalist style, we have no worry about the space. It seems like as if it’s not occupying a lot of space.

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