Myths that are Mentioned Most about Decoration


Myths that are Mentioned Most about Decoration 1

In the world of decoration, there are no rules. Everything is relatively original and practical depending on the point of view of each. The ideal is to make your home look chord as you are. Forget the monotony and dare to create new and unexpected effects which are of your own taste. Every home is different, sure you can get that yours is the best for you.

There are some basic principles of harmony and style. But if you don’t know them, don’t worry, we will give you some tips so you can use them as they suit you best:

Myths that are Mentioned Most about Decoration 2

  • – I’m sure most of the walls of yours are white, that is a good choice for homes with low light. But you can also try with strong colors. Your home will always  look smaller and when yardage colors of the same family as the orange and yellow; or green, and blue.
  • Decorate surfaces such as tables and shelves on the wall is not such a bad idea. Some think that it creates an environment that is too busy, piling ornaments as decoration objects however is nice provided that they are of the same type. Do not mix, every thing on its place.
  • – Place large pieces of furniture in place of small furniture.If your home is small, chances are that you or you think looking at large furniture.Place the furniture in places that do not obstruct doors or road traffic.
  • Combine the prints: coverings for pillows, striped with a trim of flowers, for example. Be original and you will get great results.
  • To combine decorative colors. The whole scale of possibilities exists to break the patterns in the colors: the black as neutral tone uses. It uses the green combined with red. It tries to mix it with gray. It gives a soft and relaxing effect.
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