Make Your Room Bigger!:Decoration of the Small Rooms


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Do you have one or more rooms small at home and do not know how to decorate them? Don’t worry! Everything in this life has a solution, and in the world of decoration solutions are going to place an order. You just pull creativity and find the perfect balance.

What I have just said is easier than it seems. To comply with these solutions you have to think about how to distribute each and every one of the decorative elements that are going to become part of the rooms, including the furniture, of course.


The first idea is to hang mirrors.With them you will gain space and brightness if you put them in key points. In addition, don’t forget that they are very good at covering the damage that may be in a wall, as for example a crack.


Another thing you must not forget is that both the walls and the ceiling should be painted with a bright color. The white is the most recommended of all that exist, but you shouldn’t be saddled in that tone, since you can also bet on other colors that remain clear and can make sense of spaciousness.

Something similar happens with floor. If your soil is of parquet, try to make the tone of the wood as bright as possible to increase the largeness sensation.

small room decorating tips 2


A room will always look bigger if not overloaded. Try to keep the order, purchase multifunction furniture that take up little space and do not be fooled by the accessories. We think that more decorative objects will make the room better,  but when a room is small the sum of objects is usually counterproductive.We need to find the balance without overdoing it.


Light plays a key role in the decoration of rooms. If it is natural, and comes during the greater part of the day, better than best.But like that is something against what you cannot fight, if you have little natural light you will have to rely on artificial lighting.In this case I recommend to you that the light should be more possible half note, because in this case you will reinforce the largeness sensation.All will be more clear and will give you the feeling that the room is larger.You’ll notice this if you have the chance to compare it with a more tenuous and pulling yellowish tone.

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