Interior Decoration with Wicker or Rattan


Interior Decoration with Wicker or Rattan 1

When it’s warmer, wicker or rattan is one of the best allies to preserve fresh environments and enjoy the lightness of the furniture. Trends in interior decoration have been moving toward everything that is more natural and eco-friendly, trying to be made mostly biodegradable materials. Natural fibres fashion makes reference to the wicker, bamboo or rattan. These materials have the huge advantage of offering a much more welcoming environment in our homes.

Based on natural fibers furniture are ideal for any season of the year, as they are easily adapted to the climate, are also perfect for any environment, because they combine perfectly with furniture of different shapes, sizes and materials. In the majority of cases, we think natural fibers are only for outdoor furniture, but recently we started to see them indoor, as living rooms or bedrooms.

Natural fibres are not only used in furniture. They also serve for walls, in the same way that is made with chairs, tables, beds, baskets, bins, magazine racks, or headboards of the beds. Both the variety and the quality of the designs has been increasing with the passage of time and currently we have many more options for wicker or rattan, since they are also widely used in terraces and gardens, are valid materials indoors to create environments with more ethnic, minimalist styles or with Oriental touches.
It is not necessary to change the entire decoration of our home, but add some elements are already furniture, accessories or coatings, which is complement to change the aesthetics with more warmth and nobility. Don’t forget that the furniture prepared with natural fibers give freshness and, at the same time, warmth to the spaces. You can begin to place  wicker and cane chairs, curtains to form a cozy atmosphere.


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