How to Use The White Color When Decorating


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They say that white is the absence of color, but it really is the color of the light, since it represents tranquility, order and cleanliness. We can find many shades of white to decorate that can adapt to any home space.

According to the combination in the decoration, you can create a sense of minimalism, modernism or classicism. If you decide that your home is white, you say its advantages:

White visually enlarges the space: small spaces are benefiting from a white environment since it creates a feeling of greater amplitude.

Creates a relaxing feeling: If the walls, objects or furniture like tables, chairs or curtains are white tones,  it creates peace and quiet.

The classic merges with the modern: Classic furniture becomes a fully renovated modern structure if it is painted white.

Fund for art: the white color is perfect for exhibiting works of art, since it gives the necessary light to make them stand out, something ideal to appreciate the works clearly.

Color to highlight: A white environment allows you to highlight the furniture of other colors and textures. Thus the combination blank creates a modern decor and original.

Harmony and order: the spaces decorated completely in white highlights to create harmony and order among all the objects.

Combination with cold or warm light: white color allows to create different environments according to the type of light to come. In general the white adapts to any room of the home, a color that never goes out of fashion.

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