How to Use the Colors in Decoration


How to Use the Colors in Decoration 1

You should know the keys to use the colors in the decoration  properly. The color should be used as an effective tool in the design to take advantage of its possibilities and its psychological effects. Keep in mind that the predominant tone of a room will determine its character, for your choice we know the activity that will be developed in each space. For example, if we want to create a game room for children, we need colors stimulating and cheerful, while for a bedroom, we will seek more relaxing or soft tones.

Analyze the required amount of color and shape that you want to distribute, the combination of different shades will create several shades that can translate on the wall, with a rug, with the choice of the furniture or accessories. What ultimately counts is the personal taste of each person.

Remember that the primary colors are: red, yellow and blue; when the mix we can achieve effects very vibrant, providing maximum contrasts. However, you have to be very careful because a combination can be overwhelming and tiring. The color contrasts in small details are very wise to revitalize and brighten a furniture bland or monochrome.

How to Use the Colors in Decoration 2

Complementary colors are ideal for creating modern, rustic and unstructured environments at the same time, with contrasting colors: green and red, creating a space full of life and vibrant. The green color has the peculiarity of forming multiple shades. You can also handle styles and completely different decoration criteria using two colors such as blue and green combined to perfection. For example, dark green and electric blue create pleasant environments.

If you don’t you decide, you can always opt for the cold colors such as blues, greens and violets in general to produce a feeling of calm, peace and tranquility. A good recommendation to give you more joy is to add small yellow accents that make a difference and provides a stimulating effect.

In conclusion, the ideal use of color is one that integrates in a same environment all the concepts of harmony and contrast. The objective is that the combination of colors provides a feeling of pleasant view, balanced and serene.

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