How to Combine the Colors in Decoration


How to Combine the Colors in Decoration 1

Each year they change the trends in the world of decoration and it is possible to customize the different styles with the right combination of colors to decorate. Keys imposed this year are marked by the pursuit of quiet tones, pleasant view and ideals to live in pairs, alone or with the family. Also are succeeding more strong, futuristic, or technology-inspired colors.

How to Combine the Colors in Decoration 2

Red colors are many softer and neutralize with brown tones in bright environments.
– The oranges allow to preserve its terrestrial and organic influence.
– The yellow are more subtle and presents a wider range of tones from the mustard, bronze and gold.
– The greens reflect the environment, the botanical tones usually inspire relaxation and we can find many nuances.
– The blue nicest are those who have more greenish airs, since they create a more futurist image.
– The violets now have become more neutral warm(hot), the mallow vibrant and beautiful lilacs also are used to paint quite illuminated walls.
– The warm neutral shades are those of the mother earth and environmentally basic, like clay, the crude, the bark and the wood.
– The neutral soft colds take a very subtle(fine) aspect as the gray, since they allow to create delicate layers effects.

How to Combine the Colors in Decoration 3

Both in the interior and the exterior decoration, the softer Green is the color of the year, because it has the ability to generate a meeting point with other colors forming a natural balance, i.e. allows to combine almost with any other shade. With white shades, it’s imposing to reaffirm a style and combine them with glass, steel, concrete and upholstery textures.

How to Combine the Colors in Decoration 4

To be comfortable in our home, we must identify with a particular style that marks our personality. But normally we are inclined toward colors softer and more minimalist which creates strong links with the environment, the landscape and the natural materials. The result is beautiful.

How to Combine the Colors in Decoration 5

Ultimately, what we seek is propelled us in the space where we live, we need a little encouragement to help us live with our emotions and needs. That is why it is so important to choose properly the colors both on the walls,furniture and furnishing accessories. Discover your inner aura which are the nuances of colors where we feel most comfortable.

How to Combine the Colors in Decoration 6


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