Decoration with Warm Tropical Colors


Decoration with Warm Tropical Colors 1

Many of us seek warmth at home, looking for a refuge in which feel comfortable and at ease with everything that surrounds us. The work is already hard enough on a daily basis to not find that relaxation that we need when we get home. Therefore, a good option is to opt for a warm decoration with cemented-based tropical colors that can be seen in walls and accessories.

Decoration with Warm Tropical Colors 2

Strip experience: If you’ve been on vacation in tropical and exotic places, surely can do you an idea of what you need to make your home also as. It mimics part of what wears during your stay and decorate your home without rushing. To inspire you, use photographs of your holidays, magazines specialized in travel, etc. online You know what patterns and colors used to leave everything you ask of mouth.

Decoration with Warm Tropical Colors 3

Bold colors: bright, tropical colors always feel better if they are in bold, well highlighted. That will allow you to create your style, customizing each one of the rooms of your home according to the needs. Consider the option of purchasing photo wall murals and tries to find harmony and balance between all the walls. Avoid too recharge areas, if you do it is likely that soon you tire.

Risk: Mix colors and patterns without fear of being wrong. Look for something informal and happy that surprises your guests. Choose shameless tropical colors and play with them. If you see that everything became too coloring,try to smooth the visual effect placing accessories with neutral tones. With this I refer to cushions, carpets(rugs), pictures …

Softer options: If you prefer a more gentle, soothing tropical decor, go for less flashy tones like the turquoise blue, yellow or green. It combines your favorite color with any of these three.

Don’t be radical: the key to success often lies in not opting for extreme shamelessly. This means that it is ideal that you seek a compromise, a palette of colors is not too shrill but that the attention just to get a warm decoration.


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