Decoration with Purple


The color purple is a mixture of red and blue, also known as violet. Normally when we try the psychology of colors, purple is always associated with strong changes in the spirit and the mentality in front of things that have happened to us in the life. Also relates it with a mystery, spirituality and protection. So it is a very suitable for relaxing environments color.

It is much used in artistic elements, music and everything related to the beauty. In the decoration, color purple combines perfectly in all kinds of spaces of the home, either in wood furniture, walls in shades of white or minimalist accessories, and does not necessarily have to be linked in informal spaces, but quite the contrary, can be achieved just as modern and elegant as you want. As always, everything is a question to imagine and test.

Decoration with Purple 1 Decoration with Purple 2 Decoration with Purple 3 Decoration with Purple 4 Decoration with Purple 5



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