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Increasingly there are more people opting to use colors in the decoration, mainly on the walls, to get away from the classic white or toasted. Of the wide palette of colors that exist today I bring you tips for decoration in blue, which you’ll see that you can do many things that look like a baby’s room without or without that will be loaded. Blue is one of the more special colors and the favorite of much of the world’s population, its shades are multiple and conveys positive feelings to remind to the sky and the sea.

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According to a study that made a while ago, people living in places where Blue predominates tend to be more calm, reflective and have a level of greater understanding. Also living with more tranquility, relaxation and even they have more inspiration and intuition takes place much better. It may seem incredible, but the truth is that it is so. For example, people who live on the Islands, they lead a very quiet life, partly due to the relaxing of the blue environment that surrounds them.
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Decorating with blue in your home, you can do this by painting the walls, but that is not with a very dark tone. Where else can you take advantage of all that positive influence is in the bathroom, surfacing the tiled walls that are in turn composed of several very small tiles in different shades of blue. The bedroom is another place where you can get much benefit to the color blue, especially in the bedding, or in some decorative elements such as a table or a mirror, that yes, the mirror never do not have your in a site that if you sit in the bed do you see yourself.

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