Decorating According to a Carpet


Decorating According to a Carpet 1

The rugs always have been, are and will be an indispensable part of the decoration of many homes. Not only they are especially recommended in winter to combat the cold, summer may also have much prominence to help us go almost barefoot at home without having to worry about catching a cold from noses.

However, many times we did bring our hands to the head because the carpet that we like the most does not fit with the decor of the room in which it is placed. In that case many times we turn to go for another carpet that if paste with the prevailing style. But… why not make the decor is which will have to adapt to the rug that you’ve fallen in love at first sight?

Take note of the following tips and perhaps you won’t have the carpet that you wanted without that silhouette for nothing:

Decorating According to a Carpet 2

Choice of carpet: while it is true that many things can be changed, what you can not change so easily is the soil. In this case you must take into account its hue to choose a rug that does not clash too. If it is dark wood, it will be you great to buy a carpet with bold. If on the contrary the wood is clearer, you can that you want more bet by a rug of beige tones or bright colours, especially if it is part of a bedroom and not a lounge.

Combine the carpet colors: If your choice has been a rug in bold, you must bet on bright colors and eye-catching designs, but you can also go for neutral tones. A very interesting option is the paint the walls black and combine them with furniture of color such as red, Bordeaux and even Turquoise. The atmosphere is very relaxing and sophisticated.

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Design of the space around the carpet: paint the walls, purchase furniture in keeping with the carpet and look for plugins that might emphasize without being pitched. Also don’t forget the curtains and the tables are very important to the whole thing see uniform. Avoids overloading too stay with risky combinations.

Place the carpet in the right place: The carpet has to be the protagonist element, the element around which has turned the rest of the decor. Therefore, you must be very aware of the fact that the place where the spinning will be a privileged place. You might also be interested in place it right in the center of the room to make it stand out, although it can sometimes become the element which focuses on all eyes standing in another place.

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