Decorate Your Switches with Stickers


Decorate Your Switches with Stickers 1

In the decoration of your house, every detail is important, especially if it is original. That’s why the personalized switches are becoming fashionable, there are sticker species to decorate the switches for any room.

It consists of a material that is used to decorate walls with any photo, graphic or drawing that is chosen according to orientation, the color of the wall and the dimensions of the plug. It is important to remember that the designs in vinyl does not serve to walls plastered,painted or textured, the smoother surface will be better for sticking them. Some models are reusable and can go changing of place as we grow weary, others on the other hand if they are already removed, they’re useless.

Placing a decorative sticker around a switch is a simple task, even some vinyls carry a guide around the switch, which allows for better positioning and mounting. For a professional finish, draw it with a plastic spatula to prevent formation of air bubbles inside.

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