Decorate Your Christmas Tree 101


Decorate Your Christmas Tree 101 1

Christmas tree decoration is essential, probably more than the Nativity scene. It is that is responsible for giving life to your home during those dates so endearing, with lights, figures and gifts to be placed on the inside. Garnish is very easy and don’t have to spend much money to achieve the desired result.

The first thing to do is find the space where the tree will be placed. It is best to place it in a corner so it doesn’t bother us to pass. It is important to be visible and to call attention. It is normally placed in the living room, the dining room or in the receiver, that already depend on your tastes and the space you have.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree 101 2

The next step is the select tree. If you can get with a natural FIR, better. These provide a smell to distinctive forest that will make Christmas even more special. If unfortunately you can not afford a tree like this, you can buy one artificial. In any supermarket you will find one of this type at a very competitive price. Its installation is very simple.

Then comes the most complicated, the pure and hard tree decoration. You may have lots of imagination and taste to do so gracefully. You have to keep in mind the colors and materials that you place between the branches, using glass beads and metallic elements. Colors red, silver and gold are those who hit more, but you can also combine them with the blue and green.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree 101 3

Don’t forget to put one or two strips of lights rolled to the trunk. This will make your home more welcoming as if by magic. Finally, put a star at the top of the tree and get your children involved as much as possible both in the elaboration of ornaments and placement.

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