Decorate with Google SketchUp


Decorate with Google SketchUp 1

Google SketchUp is a new innovative tool that the American company has just put at the disposal of anyone who wants to download it. It’s a simulator environments that lets you create your own furniture, buildings and plans of distribution of landscapes and all this with the possibility of seeing how it fits everything in 3D.

Decorate with Google SketchUp 2

There are two versions available, one for professionals and one for amateurs. Both allow you to publish your maps in Google Earth and even transform them into sketches with Style Builder, a program that is still in beta phase. In addition, LayOut completed this set of programs helping you to create professional documents and presentations.

Decorate with Google SketchUp 3

Despite the fact that you think that you do not understand the program, the truth is that it is not so difficult to use. It’s a question that you’re trying things and eventually to the end you used to use all the options.

Download Google SketchUp.

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