Colourful Interior Designs : Humlegrden Apartment by Carl Larsson and Josef Frank


Colourful Interior Designs 1

What if an artist and an architect put hands to work to decorate a home with various colors? The result would be very similar to that we can see in the following images. As we can see, the colors are mixed and differ according to the room.

Colourful Interior Designs 2 Colourful Interior Designs 3

Thus, to represent the winter they have been played with black and gray colors; for the summer they have opted for a bright green and for the fall, the range of colors has been exerted between the orange, yellow and red. The result is simply spectacular, although it’s somewhat annoying to the eye if we take into account that there we have to spend a good part of the day.

Colourful Interior Designs 4 Colourful Interior Designs 5

It is a creation of artists and Swedish architects Carl Larsson and Josef Frank, whose name is Humlegrden apartment. You’ll find more information at

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