Cheap Ideas for Renovation of Your Home


Cheap Ideas for Renovation of Your Home 1

You plan to give a new look to your home but you think that you don’t have enough budget to do so? Don’t worry, at Fashiondecor we give you the best ideas for what you can do at minimal cost.  The following we show you below surely will help you:

  • Fabrics: Curtains, pillow cover, or changing your sofa’s upholstery… all this can change the image you have in your home. Environment will no longer be the same.
  • Accessories: Items as simple as pillows, pictures, table centerpieces or vases can change our environment and improve it much. It is cheap and very entertaining to go looking for these small add-ons that both will thank those who share the floor with you and your guests.
  • Pictures: As interesting complement that we cited in the previous paragraph, you can use any type of drawing, portrait or poster that without being too expensive. You can bring a new touch to your walls.
  • Candles: now that it is fall and winter are essential. Aside from conserve energy, we can give you a touch more romantic and welcoming to our room. Buy different types of sailing and see which convince you more.
  • Recycled furniture: many times the old furniture have so lost or sold in thrift stores, can be very useful. The old wood gives a very unique rustic touch.
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