Big Errors in Decoration


Big Errors in Decoration 1

Decorating is not an easy task. It can be counterproductive if a number of issues are not taken into account. While it is true that there is nothing written about tastes, the truth is that there are a number of guidelines that should be followed to avoid making blunders in the decoration of our home. I described some of the most frequent:

-Do not buy the first thing that you see: It is essential to analyze the furniture with depth. Color, that is manufactured, materials dimensions… everything you need so you combine perfectly in the space that will be placed.

-Beware of taking the advantage of antique furniture: Many times, friends, family, or we ourselves, have furniture at home that we think that we can serve it for the new decor that we are going to begin. However, insisting on placing them although we know that they do not stick, is one of the most common mistakes. You can try to paint them or reshape them to get what you propose, but be careful and discard them if you see that the result will be a fudge.

-Do not put all the furniture against the wall: Putting all the furniture against the wall is not the best solution. If you have space to place them wherever you want, do it and it will give a different touch to each room. Your guests will thank you for that design.

-Do not put all your personal treasures revealed: it is important not to fill the space with all the things that we like. A very ornate decoration is quite uncomfortable. It is best to go to renewing the objects to give a new and fresh air to the home.

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