Baroque and Feminine Decoration by Camif


Baroque and Feminine Decoration by Camif 1

For next summer you can choose the baroque and feminine decorations if you want to give a twist to your home. In addition, changing a little the colors you can get it as male to pass without any type of headache.

The example here comes from France, specifically of the Camif company. The pink couch that you can see in the pictures is ideal for resting, reading, listening to music or whatever you wish. It is also accompanied by a very original carpet which has the printing of several flower embellishment.

The Chair is also pink and is much more classic thanks to the gold which is present in almost all of its structure. In addition, nor missing candlesticks, boxes, and parts that remind us of past times.

If you are curious to know prices,we can say that the couch costs 2,500 euros, the Secretary of the Fund 995 euros and lamp 189 euros. More information at

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