Awning Fabric Types


Awnings are excellent choices to protect an area of the sun in places such as balconies, terraces or large windows, this last option used in business. There are several types of awning fabrics that can be used even if they are basically grouped into three main groups: textiles technicians, acrylic fabric and PVC fabric.

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 Here are the characteristics of technical textiles:

– Special latest generation fabrics.

– They are composed by a membranous structure that can be made from polyester and PVC or fibreglass and PVC.

– They have a high resistance to the passage of time thanks to its great flexibility.

– Offer a high level of thermal insulation that favors energy saving.

– They reduce the heat thanks to its capacity of perspiration.

– Give greater visual comfort since they protect light, allowing also the vision through them, thus avoiding the feeling of closure.

– They are available in different colours to suit the needs of light.

– There are some models that may have flame retardant treatment.

– Its texture makes cleaning much easier.

Awning Fabric Types 1

As for acrylic fabric awnings:

– It is the most effective and long-lasting fabric.

Its stained the ground provides a great solidity in terms of colors, while retaining its original colour for longer.

– It reduces the adhesion of pollutant emissions.

– They are permeable to air but impervious to water, unless you have extreme weather conditions.

– Non-toxic or polluting.

Large balcony of blue house with chairs and water view.

And finally, characteristics of PVC fabric awnings:

– Its main characteristic is waterproof, which makes this tissue the suitable for the manufacture of awnings.

– It has a high resistance to breakage and tattered.

– In some of its forms offers a fire retardant treatment.

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