Affectionate Decoration with Feng Shui


Affectionate Decoration with Feng Shui 1

The best part of the house to locate love bedroom is in the rear to the right. You must take into account that you can strengthen marriage if you keep loving decoration in each room of the house. It is also important to enhance our own inner love.

Several Considerations

If you want to find a partner, try to place the items by pairs and close. For example, if you have a sofa with two separate cushions, one at each end of the couch, put them together in the Center. If on the furniture you have a small vase of flowers, try to put another vase of flowers similar to the side. FengShui recommends that all the bowls, jugs or objects designed to contain something, have something inside and are not empty.

If you like to hang pictures, make sure that they are cheerful, bright colors, preferably warm colors. If you have any plants or trees, take a good care of them to keep you fresh, vibrant, flowery and gleaming. For example, pictures with autumnal landscapes create a feeling of sadness or melancholy.

Light is also very important to enlighten all the corners of the house without leaving twilight and dark part. The decoration complements should preferably be made of red, pink or white. If it is a special day, you can put candles, incense that create a climate more romantic and loving.

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