8 Ways to Decorate Your Room With Skateboards



Whether you like skateboarding or not, i am convinced that this article will arouse your curiosity. It may seem strange, but a skateboard are not made for your skating around the town, also it has started being seen as a decorative object.

You’ll find the different uses you can give to a skateboard, with or without wheels below.If you propose it, it can become one more decorative element, bringing a youthful and original touch to any room of the house.

To Decorate Walls

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 2

In the image that above of this entry you can see several designs of legendary Andy Warhol, a genius of pop art that always appears in pictures, and that also can appear in other decorative complements like the stage of skate that are hung on the wall.

Depending on the effect that you want to achieve for a particular style, also you can go for other more peaceful proposals, for example appearing on these lines.

To Create a Dim Light

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 3

If you don’t know what kind of lamp to buy to create a relaxing atmosphere in the living room, don’t think twice and buy a skateboard to create the dim light that you are looking for.As you can see in the picture ,the skateboard plays with the color of the sofa and walls, and also adds some painted flowers.

It is located just in front of a light bulb, well hung on the wall for anyone to take a good shot while watching your favorite TV series.The result is magnificent.

As a Mirror

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 4

If you don’t want to have the typical mirror sold in stores such as IKEA and Leroy Merlin, you are always on time to reuse an old skateboard as a mirror.Thus you will be able to get ready every day before going out of your room without need to do everything in the bathroom, where there is always a mirror.

Differently, as can be seen in the image, you can put stickers related with the theme.Leaving the skateboard wheels is optional. It is true that with them it is more authentic, but also lost some vision.

As a Shelf

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 5

There are two clearly differentiated proposals. One is that form these three shelves of foot available in honey, white and black. They are ideal for storing all kinds of objects and are made with two tables of skate, that are the ones that maintain the structure by the sides. The shelves are not manufactured with skateboards. It has dimensions of 79 x 20,5 x 44 cm and 230 euros in Skate Home, a store in which you can also find a Bank, a coat rack and a book which I’ll describe below.

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 6

Before that I have to talk about the other type of shelving. The one is known as shelf attached to the wall, and that tends to be used to keep books and small items.It is the typical Rack that goes on top of the bed. Also, it is very easy to place it on the wall.

As a Bench

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 7

With a skateboard there is also time for rest. In Skate Home, they have designed this bank that you will find in the section “Stools“ on its web page (skate-home.com).It is called as Nollie Flip and is not unique in its kind, since there are other 10 models of different colors.It measures 80 x 20 x 25 cm and has a wooden structure topped with seat made with a Canadian Maple skate board.It costs 134,10 EUR and is wonderful in any child room, although having no backup is not too comfortable.

As a Coat Rack

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 8

If you don’t want to give much prominence to skateboards, you can always go for the option of the coat, which is also marketed in Skate Home (sure there are other stores that also sell them).There are four models to choose depending on the color and finish, but all cost 118,15 euros.As you can see in the image, it is manufactured with a skateboard and has four wheels that comply with the function of hangers.There you can leave the huntress, the coat, bag, hat… whatever you want.It has dimensions of 79 x 10 x 20.5 cm.

As a Bookend

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 9

If you don’t have enough rack, you can seduce yourself with the idea of having a bookend like this.As I have said earlier, also sold in Skate Home, a store where you will find all kinds of designed skate products to decorate your home.There are four models available that are differentiated by the color (honey, walnut, white and black) and its dimensions are 38 x 20.5 x 22 cm. It costs 89 euros and is manufactured with the part of the tail of a skateboard that leads hooked the typical bracket to hold the books.

In Vinyl

Decorate Your Room with Skateboards 10

We will end up talking about vinyl. The design which you can see in the picture that appears on these lines is Mr Perswall. I searched their website and I have not found it, so I don’t know if it will still be available. In any case,  you surely will find more vinyl with drawn skateboards or skaters who are making them for you.




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